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"Case Traction Engine and sawmill" 

"John Henry"

John's locomotive at the front is being supplied by steam generated by the boiler on the Fairlie trailing behind and supplied by a half inch insulated pipe that ran along the coupling mid-line between the 2 engines and then along the left hand footplate to the front of the smoke box and onto the top of the ball valve regulator. There was an extension rod from the regulator lever to the Fairlie's cab allowing the driver to operate "John Henry's" regulator and the Fairlie's regulator together if necessary.  Apart from the first initial warm up circuit the locomotive successfully pulled the Fairlie around for about 8 circuits.  Top speed attained was 15.8 km/hr



Work in progress from a construction article serialised in Model Engineer in 2009/2010


"Grasshopper" beam engine from plans by a French Designer JP Duval


"Canterbury Lamb"

Ross's "Canterbury Lamb" running like a sewing machine after the initial setup of the valve timing.

Marine Plant

Double acting twin cylinder marine engine to the design of a set of plans by JP Duval which are available on the internet. This is also first steaming of a "Scotch Type" (folded) marine boiler to the design of the builder. 




After over 20 years since the start of construction Pete finished his fathers Rob Roy and regularly runs it at the track.

Harry Load Test

The guys climbed aboard for a photo opportunity but didn't think Harry would get very far. 

The run stops at a high point in the track where the curve gets a bit tight. Hopefully this problem will be resolved with the build of the new track

The club EC and David's Fairlie, a regular runner at the club, can be seen passing during the run. 


A new club members first attempt at model engineering


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